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Phase 1 construction is complete and Phase 2 is well under way. Phase 3 is scheduled to start construction in the late spring. We will post more updates soon, but for now we are happy to announce the Exploration Green won an award from the Urban Land Institute. A video (Fecebook) of the nomination is available here:

(3/7/2017) Phase 1A and 1B are now complete. 1A currently has mix of Texas native grasses growing. Phase 1B has a wildflower mix planted for erosion control that is just starting to grow. The Texas native grass seed mix will be planted at 1B later this year when the temperature warms up. The Exploration Green Conservancy will have planted over 200 trees and plants by the end of March in 1A and 1B. Various species of birds have returned to the area.

1C is the final phase of development in this area and will be starting construction soon. Depending on rain delays, we are projecting 1C to be finished by Fall 2017. To view the phase 1 construction layout please see map . To view the entire plan please see the CLCWA Master Plan (.pdf file).

CLCWA's amended discharge permit from the TCEQ was officially approved in September 2016. The amended permit document can be viewed here.


Mission Summary
The Exploration Green Conservancy is dedicated to creating, maintaining and operating the habitat restoration and recreation facilities within Exploration Green while concurrently supporting the use of the area for storm water detention in order to:
  • enhance the quality of life and outdoor experience for residents in the greater Bay Area;
  • provide abundant natural habitat areas for migrating and resident wild birds, butterflies and other appropriate wildlife
  • create nature trails for hiking, biking and pedestrian commuting, athletic fields and other recreation areas;
  • create functioning wetlands, lakes and other water features; and
  • sponsor education efforts via area schools and other groups to enhance understanding of natural habitats, wildlife, environmental conservation, wetlands and storm water issues.

Basic Purpose
The Exploration Green Conservancy, Inc. (the “Conservancy”) has been formed and incorporated to develop, preserve and protect the land known as the Exploration Green (the “EG”). This area was purchased by the Clear Lake City Water Authority (the “Water Authority”) for use as a storm water detention area; the Water Authority further desired that the land be used by the area residents as a recreation area. In support of this desire the Water Authority created a Master Plan for the area and initially sponsored the formation of the Conservancy. The Conservancy is to generate funding to follow the intent of the Master Plan for the installation, operation and maintenance of the amenities outlined in the Plan. In executing this intent, the Conservancy shall raise funds to install and maintain improvements. The improvements will enhance the enjoyment of the area by the public and improve the local environment by providing preliminary treatment of storm water runoff via wetlands and detention areas. Improvements shall include hike, bike and pedestrian commuter trails, athletic fields, lakes, water features and abundant natural habitat and native grass land areas. Native plants and trees shall be used to enhance landscaping, wetlands, and support appropriate migratory and resident wild birds, butterflies and other wildlife. Community input will be ongoing, and education efforts through schools and other groups shall be undertaken using the enhanced facilities.

More information on Exploration Green:


The CLCWA Detention Facility Master Plan was introduced at the Town Hall meeting on February 21, 2013. Please note these files are very large and may take some time to download.

      CLCWA Master Plan in Adobe (.pdf)

      CLCWA Master Plan in Power Point (.pptx)

      SWA Presentation in Adobe (.pdf)

      SWA Presentation in Power Point (.pptx)

Exploration Green Groundbreaking Ceremony - April 12, 2014

Local Church Organized a CLCWA Storm Water Detention and Drainage Area Clean-up Day
On Saturday morning, November 12th, the Clear Creek Community Church (CCCC) participated in a community service project that helped clean-up the CLCWA Storm Water Detention and Drainage Area. About 500-600 members spent the morning leveling, removing brush, and clearing the sides of the ponds.

The CLCWA greatly appreciates the CCCC committing to such a large project, and we are extremely pleased with the results. Karl Garcia, Campus Pastor at the newest CCCC campus currently meeting at Clear Lake High School said, "This is a great opportunity for our congregation to have a real long term impact in beautification of a public area used by the residents of the community.”

The former golf course was purchased by the Clear Lake City Water Authority in April to preserve the property for drainage and detention purposes and would like to see it incorporated with other multiple uses that have yet to be planned. “We are excited that community groups and churches want to help us turn the land into a beautiful area that can be enjoyed by all our residents” said James Byrd, General Manager of the Water Authority. Byrd said that the Water Authority has begun working on long term plans for the property and will be coordinating with the county, City of Houston, and local residents as part of the planning in the near future.

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