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CLCWA History
The Authority was created by House Bill 1003, 58th Legislature of Texas, Regular Session, on May 6, 1963 (compiled as 8280-280, Texas Revised Civil Statutes). The Authority was created to provide, operate, and maintain waterworks systems, sanitary sewer systems, storm sewer systems, and drainage facilities to serve land within its boundaries. The Authority operates under the authority of the Texas Constitution, Texas Revised Civi1 Statutes, Article 8280-280 and Chapters 49 and 51 of the Texas Water Code, as amended.
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Boundary Map
Click here to view the CLCWA's Boundary Map in PDF format. (Adobe Reader 6.0 or higher required.) This is a large file so it may take some time depending on your internet connection speed.
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Location and Size
The Authority is situated almost entirely in southeast Harris County in the Clear Lake area, about 20 miles southeast of downtown Houston. Its northwest to southeast boundary is State Highway 3. The Authority surrounds the Johnson Space Center on three sides. Ellington Field is located just outside the Authority's northwest boundary.

At the time of its creation on May 6, 1963, the Authority consisted of 12,269 acres. Through various annexations, the current total land area is approximatly 16,106 acres. Approximately 13,490 acres have been developed for commercial, residential, and public recreational use. The Clear Lake City Water Authority is the largest water district in Texas.
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About Us
Click here to see a Powerpoint presentation about the Clear Lake City Water Authority and future planning information.
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Topography and Drainage
The general area of the Authority ranges in elevation from 10 feet mean sea level along the extreme eastern boundary to about 35 feet mean sea level along the northwestern boundary. Substantially all existing areas or areas proposed for development within the Authority are above the projected 100-year flood plain. In the general area of the Authority, there are three well-defined major watersheds. The three major drainage channels are Horsepen Bayou on the west, Armand Bayou in the central area, and Cow Bayou on the south and discharge through Clear Lake into Galveston Bay. Drainage of the developed subdivisions is accomplished by means of enclosed storm sewer systems which outfall into detention ponds and/or improved channels of the three major streams. Information on our new Storm Water Environment Managment Program will be available soon on the Storm Water tab. The Authority is working to better protect bayous from receiving excessive solids and oily substances.

Lidar 1 foot contour maps showing elevation are now available on our website, sorted alphabetically by subdivision.
Bay Forest
Bay Glen
Bay Knoll
Bay Oaks 1
Bay Oaks 2
Bay Pointe 1
Bay Pointe 2
Bay Terrace
Brook Forest 1
Brook Forest 2
Camino South
Clear Point
El Camino Real/Village
Oakbrook 1
Oakbrook 2
Oakbrook West
Pinebrook 1
Pinebrook 2
Taylor Lake Village 1
Taylor Lake Village 2
Taylor Lake Village 3
University Green
University Park

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Utility Usage History
Per the mandate of House Bill 3693, all political subdivisions that are responsible for paying electric, water or natural gas utility services must:
The Utility Usage History (Adobe Reader 6.0 or higher required.) information provided satisfies the requirements of House Bill 3693 by reporting the usage and cost information by month for electricity and natural gas consumption. Adobe Reader 6.0 or higher required. If you have any questions, please contact the Administration Department at 281-488-1164.
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Rate Surveys
CLCWA conducted a recent Water Rate Survey and a Tax Rate Survey compared to surrounding cities. (Adobe Reader 6.0 or higher required.)
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This is CLCWA's list of Holidays observed.

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